Do good things and good things will come.

give what we have to do what we can β€” the trading way of traveling


Those we helped


 Black and white portrait photo of Martijn en Ellis photography, founders of Traveling the world to help charities telling their story to the world. 

We're just two people. A couple. We love traveling, nature and going for a walk. But we'd love it more if everyone could enjoy that. So we're going to lend a hand.


good things will come.

We believe that if you do good things, that good things will come. Be believe it so profoundly that we even call ourselves Good Things. Yet, that's not all we believe. Want to see what drives us? Check it out!

we're always looking for helping hands

We're traveling the world helping the people who are working day in and day out to help those in need. Because that's what we can do. We'd love to have your help with that. Check out how you can help.


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